DaddyStrokes – Getting serviced

Another fresh week and time to get started with another superb and hot scene. For this update you get to see two construction workers that got a bit too horny and they were more than happy to spend some time together and fuck for the afternoon in a private place of the building. The older guy is a drill master and he always likes to train new recruits on how to work, but on how to relax as well and as you can see he did one amazing job of it too this time. Let’s get this show started without delay. Also you can check out another horny couple fucking hard style everyone! You will get to see another amazing and superb scene!

The scene starts off with them in their work vests as they reach their needed spot. And once there the old guy takes off the guy’s pants and he reveals that nice juicy cock. He notices that it was quite big even when non erect so he set out to see just how big it got from his oral pleasing. Imagine his happiness as it kept growing and growing in his mouth too. So enjoy seeing this horny old man sucking cock until he makes the guy blow his jizz load on his face today. We know you’ll love it and rest assured that we will have more for you to see next week as well. And do check out the past scenes too everyone! Also you might visit the raging stallion site and see some hot and horny gay men sucking cocks!

old-guy-sucking-a-cock old-guy-sucking-a-cock-and-gets-a-facial

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Old daddy plays with a cock

Hey there once more guys and gals. Here we are once more with an amazing scene for you to see and as you will observe, it was quite amazing too. For this one we wanted to show off the behind the scenes of a scene that was shot in POV from the prespective of the fresh stud as he was getting his cock taken care of by this horny daddy in the afternoon. Well it’s quite hot and if you check the past scenes you will get to see that too. But for now let’s get on with the show and see the action go down.


As soon as the filming starts, you get to see the blonde fresh stud as he lays on his back in bed and is ready to take his cock sucking from the mature stud. The latter doesn’t fail to deliver as he takes off his pants and whips out that nice and big cock to start working it. So have fun seeing him sucking and deep throating that nice and big cock all afternoon today. Of course it all finishes off with the guy shooting a nice and big jizz load in his mouth and the older guy loving it too. Have fun with their scene and see you next week! IF you’re looking for similar content, join the chaosmen site and see some gorgeous men having hardcore gay sex! Have fun!

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Old guy gets hungry for cock

For this week’s superb daddystrokes scene we brought along another pair of horny cock suckers for you to see and enjoy the company off. As always one is older and the other half his age and these two are quite amazing. Well mainly the old dude is going to prove his oral skills as he noticed that the guy packing some serious cock, and it was just begging for some expert lips to work it nice and hard all afternoon long today. So let’s see him in action without delay today shall we guys ? We know you want to as well.

As this amazing scene starts, the stud lays on his back as the mature guys tarts to use his expert lips to kiss and his tongue to lick and treat that cock to some nice oral treatments this nice afternoon. So Watch him as he eventually gets it nice and hard and see him sucking and deep throating that mighty cock with a passion for the whole scene. Rest assured that you will get to see more of this stud in the future so just stay tuned and have some fun with this amazing and fresh scene for today okay? If you liked this scene, you can watch some gay guys over 30 fucking! By the way, you might visit the site and see some handsome guys fucking each other’s tight ass!



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Daddy Strokes blowjob update

Time to get around to show off some more amazing and hot scenes everyone. And this one is quite amazing to watch as well. In this particular superb scene you get to see another sexy couple as they get to spend the afternoon fucking for your viewing pleasure and it was quite amazing to see the two guys at play with one another just for the cameras and you. The two guys took their time to play with each other’s cocks and bodies and what resulted was a simply amazing and hot scene with them today.


In this gallery you get to see how the fresh stud learns how to properly suck cock, as this old guy offered him some free lessons for the afternoon. And first off the guy demonstrated to his trainee how you are suppose to properly suck and slurp on a meat pole too. Then he’s the one to take his turn and has the guy demonstrate what he learned by laying on his back and letting the guy suck him off as well today. Enjoy this nice and fresh gallery everyone and see you as always next week with a fresh and hot scene as well! Also you can enter the Czech Hunter website and watch some horny Czech guys fucking each other’s tight ass!


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Horny daddy fucking himself

You got to enjoy more guys pleasing themselves in the past and today we have more daddystrokes videos to show off with another such old man that would like to show you his style for the afternoon. To aid him he had two nice and hit dildos to use on his ass and a bottle of lube as well to make sure that the toys have easy access to his ass. We know that you guys are really eager to see this guy in action so let’s just not delay any longer and see his scene as he gets to please himself just for your viewing pleasure today.

The scene starts with him all nude in bed, all ready to get to play. And first thing that he does is lube up the toys all nicely to use on his nice and tight ass. Once he did that, you can see him starting to fuck his ass with them gently as he starts to stroke his cock as well for you. Of course, eventually he gets to stroke his meat pole nice and hard as he gets to fuck his ass at the same speed as well. So have fun seeing him moan in pleasure as he fucks himself, and have fun with it. Also you can join the blog and watch a hot gay guy playing with his cock in front of the camera!



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Glory hole blowjob

Another fresh week and time for one more amazing and new gallery update to show off to you guys. This week’s new and hot scene has this mature stud as he gets to have some sexual fun with some nice and hard cocks as he engages in some nice and sexy glory hole action for the afternoon. You can see another superb and horny stud with a sexy solo scene by clicking here and taking your time to see the guy please himself. But coming back to this stud here, you get to see the perfect way to please cocks and suck on them with a passion too. So pay attention to everything he does this afternoon without fail everyone.


When the nice cock popped out of the hole he didn’t even take time to think about it. He was all over it right from the start. So take your time to see the old guy licking and kissing the cock until he gets it nice and hard, and then see him starting to properly suck on it. Of course, you also get to see him as he sucks and slurps on it as well and he had lots of fun taking that nice and big cock in his mouth for this superb scene. He worked nice and hard on it until it blasted his face with a nice and big sticky jizz load and he loved every moment of it too. Let’s hope to see him again around here some more in the future too. Bye bye guys! If you liked this scene, join the site and watch some sexy jocks getting their big cocks examined by their horny doctors!

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Horny old guy sucking a cock

For this new and fresh week we’re back with more amazing and hot daddy strokes videos just for you. This update has another couple formed by an older stud and his eager fuck buddy as they spend their whole afternoon enjoying some nice and hard style sex for the whole scene. They sure had a lot of fun fucking one another and sucking each other’s nice and hard cocks and of course, you get to see it all only here today. So let’s get to see them in action without delay as they get down and dirty just for you!

The scene starts with them getting undressed and kissing each other passionately on the bed as they take off those clothes for this scene. The older mature guy, wanted to have the guy nice and hard for his ass, so take your time to see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion until he has him nice and hard, then sit back and watch as he also gets to take a nice and hard ride on the said cock with his nice and tight ass for this afternoon. Have fun with this update and drop by next week for some more amazing stuff! You are going to love this daddy in action! If you wanna see some horny soldiers fucking, check out the site!


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DaddyStrokes – Hardcore solo

Well hello there everyone, once more we come back with another nice and sexy scene and we bring you a fresh mature stud that had the afternoon all to himself to play. He had a nice and big sex toy as well and he was more than eager and ready to use that on his ass as he stroked his mighty shaft as well. To see some more studs going at it enjoy another superb and sexy scene. Coming back to this nice and fresh stud you will get to enjoy seeing him in action all afternoon long and it’s quite nice and sexy to see him at play with himself for the afternoon. So let’s get started without further due shall we?


The cameras start rolling and you can see that the guy was fresh out of the shower. His ass and cock were very much in the mood to be please and he just had to do something about it. Take your time to see him starting to stroke that meat shaft fast and hard and see him pulling out the said dildo that he intends to use on his nice and sexy ass today too. Watch the guy taking his time to masturbate while he anally fucks himself with the dildo today and have fun with his nice and sexy scene. We will be back next week as well and do check out the past scenes for some more amazing and hot galleries! Until then, visit the site and watch some sexy guys caught naked and exposed!

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Daddy gets hungry for cock

Well today was quite the nice day indeed. Today you get to see another hot and sexy scene with an older guy and a fresh stud as they get to have some dirty fun for your viewing pleasure. The guys were all by themselves in a mountain side hut for the weekend and they intended to have some hard style fun with each other without delay today. So let’s just get on with it to see the two studs in action as they get to sample each other’s nice and hard cocks all afternoon long for today shall we everyone?


The two studs get their show started by undressing and revealing their nude bodies to you and the cameras. The fresh stud is the first one to drop on his knees and start sucking on the old dude’s cock with a passion. And as you will see, he does a amazing enough job to have the guy moan in pleasure at the cock sucking that he delivered today too. After that he’s the one to get his cock sucked too as the mature dude wants to show off his experience as well to him. Enjoy this nice and fresh update and see you next week everyone! For similar gay videos you can join the blog and watch horny Cody getting his ass hammered!


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Horny daddy in make out session

Hey there once more everyone, we have new daddy strokes videos to show off to you guys today and they are quite amazing to see too. This scene has another older guy that gets to have fun with a fresh stud and show him his oral skills too. To see another amazing and hot older dude in action just watch and see last’s week’s scene with a stud that got to jerk off for your viewing pleasure as well. Anyway, coming back to these two guys, the scene has them playing with each other all afternoon long today and you can bet that you get to see all the action with them as well. Let’s get started and see them at play today shall we everyone?

When the cameras start rolling, you get to see the two guys as they go for it on the red leather couch and the older guy starts this show off by whipping out this dude’s cock out. Watch him wrapping those luscious lips around that nice and hard dick of his and enjoy seeing him do some amazing oral pleasing for the new guy this nice afternoon. Of course, after such an amazing oral scene, the fresh guy also rewarded the dude with a nice and hard style anal fucking as well, penetrating that nice and tight ass of his as well. Enjoy this whole thing and do crop by again next week for another amazing and hot show everyone. We’ll see you then! IF you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and watch some kinky gay guys fucking!



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